Since 1892

We’ve been here for a long time. Established in roughly 1892 as a local lumber supplier we became Beaver Lumber in roughly 1921, Cardston Home Hardware has been a staple of the area for over a century. 

We pride ourselves on being locally owned. We put a special focus on customer service, and are built to support your needs. From a fresh coat of paint, to building you a new home. 

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Building is in our blood

We might not be Beaver Lumber anymore, but building and supplying Home Packages has been part of our DNA since the beginning. 

Rebranding in 2000 after Home Hardware purchased Beaver Lumber from Molson, Beaver Homes & Cottages continues to this day providing beautiful modern home designs and packages, and custom solutions to make that dream home come to life. 

In tandem with our PRO Desk, knowledgeable staff, and strong partnerships, Cardston Home Hardware is here to support our community, and your project from start to finish. 

That’s not all. Outside building materials and a general hardware store we also provide a ton of extra services such as:

  • Tool & Equipment Rental
  • Job Site Delivery
  • Commercial & Industrial Supplies
  • Furniture & Appliances 
  • Key Cutting
  • Paint Mixing 
  • Custom Kitchens